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Centro restaurants to invest in soundproofing

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Panchos is one of 25 Canirac members in the Centro. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — Although the restaurants that operate in the Historic Center haven’t been snagged in the ongoing kerfuffle over noise, 25 of them are investing in soundproofing.

The owners of these establishments want to avoid any problem with their neighbors, according to an announcement from the Canirac, the regional restaurant chamber.

Alejandra Pacheco Montero, the president of the chamber, said they are working together with municipal authorities to contain any noise they make in the heart of the centro.

“We have not received any complaints, but as part of the restaurant industry, we are trying to get our partners to comply with the law. We have tried to have dialogue with the bars, because in the end we are brother teams, so that there is respect for the rules,” she said.

Pacheco Montero indicated that the Canirac works closely with the authorities as well as the noisy nightclubs that have been under attack by neighbors.

“We are working on regulations. We have been very careful to see that none of the sectors are damaged,” she continued.

Bars crank music to the limit to attract attention from potential customers. But many continue until 3 or 4 in the morning, ruining sleep for neighbors — most of whom were there before the nightclub set up shop.

Source: Sipse

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