Centro sidewalk repairs approved

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Mérida, Yucatán — A sweeping program to repair sidewalks in the historic district was approved by city council.

No timeline was discussed, but the council did commit funding to the project.

Workers will target zone by zone.

West: Calle 59 between Av. Itzaes all the way to Calle 64.

Center: Work on Calle 59 continues Calle 58; then workers attack Calle 61 between 64 and 62; 60 and 58; 63 between 64 and 58; and 64 between 59 and 65.

East: Calle 59 between 58 and 50; 61 between 58 and 50; and 58 between 59 and 65.

South: Calle 63A between 56A and 56; 65 between 64 and 58; 62 between 65 and 69; 56 between 55 and 65A; 56A between 65A; and 67 between 63 A and 65.

Also, awnings over the pedestrian blocks at Calle 63A’s retail district will be replaced.

While attention has been given to some historic buildings, sidewalks have been an ongoing problem for pedestrians in Mérida’s historic center.

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