Cervecería Yucateca already announcing expansion

Cervecería Yucateca is expanding before it even opens. Photo: Sipse

The massive new brewery in Hunucmá isn’t even open yet, and its owner is already planning to expand it even more.

Grupo Modelo, a division of Anheuser-Busch InBev, will invest 1.5 billion pesos on top of the 7 billion already spent on building Cervecería Yucateca. The move increases yearly capacity 40 percent — up to seven million hectoliters of beer per year.

The plant will be officially inaugurated in the coming months, according to Grupo Modelo. 

 After in 2013, AB InBev bought Grupo Modelo for US$20.1 billion. The brewer announced Cervecería Yucateca’s formal opening the coming months, bringing back home the production of the two local beers: Montejo and León Negra.

 “The Cervecería Yucateca is practically ready and is in the testing phase in order to certify the quality of our products and start our beer production lines,” said Grupo Modelo CEO Mauricio Leyva, who characterized construction as taking place in record time.

Today, the original Cervecería Yucateca is an abandoned building at Calle 70 and 63. Photo: Google

The original Cervecería Yucateca was founded at the end of the 19th century in Mérida. The creator of the Montejo and León trademarks was acquired by beer giant Grupo Modelo in 1979 and moved to Oaxaca in 2002.

The new plant will generate 400 jobs once it becomes operational.

León will be a truly Yucatecan beer once again.

Launched in the 1960s, Montejo is a clear Pilsner-style beer and a “nice change of pace,” according to a review of Mexico’s beers on Transitions Abroad.

León is “like a wimpier version of Negra Modelo, but is widely available in large returnable bottles and is often one of the cheapest six-packs of cans in a supermarket,” says the review.

Modelo’s flagship brand, Corona, has historically not been in great demand in Yucatán.

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