CFE mobilizes to safeguard power system during storm

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CFE is mobilizing while Tropical Storm Franklin tears through Yucatán. Photo: File

Blackouts are a top concern when a storm approaches, as one is now.

So the federal agency in charge of the power grid announced a sizable mobilization effort to keep power failures at a minimum.

CFE, the Federal Electricity Commission, has deployed 1,223 workers, 172 cranes, 465 vehicles, four helicopters and seven off-road vehicles as Tropical Storm Franklin ploughs through Yucatán.

Personnel and equipment from around Mexico have been gathered around the path of the storm. CFE is gathering its resources in Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche and Veracruz.

Franklin made landfall south of Cozumel before 11 p.m. Monday. It will spend Tuesday whirling across the southern half of the Yucatán Peninsula toward the Bay of Campeche. Weather forecasters say the storm will gain strength over water before reaching Veracruz, possibly becoming a hurricane.

With winds around 50 mph in addition to higher gusts, maintaining power to customers is a major concern.

CFE officials identify areas of probable impact and ascertain which customers are a priority, such as hospitals and pumping stations.

The agency works in coordination with the Ministry of National Defense, Secretariat of the Navy, Ministry of Interior, Civil Protection, National Water Commission, Ministry of Health, and state and municipal governments.

Outages can be reported to the free hotline 071 or on Twitter at @CFEMx.

Meanwhile, the Navy activated its Marine Plan in its Prevention Phase in the states of Quintana Roo, Yucatán, Veracruz and south of Tamaulipas, to assist civilians affected by the intense rains that are expected today.

The Navy, in coordination with the Civil Protection unit and local, state and federal authorities, is preparing to evacuate communities where necessary, a spokesman said.

The Navy Secretariat of Mexico urged residents to heed recommendations made by Civil Protection authorities and naval personnel. In case of emergency, call 01 800 6274621/01 800 MARINA1, or 01 (55) 56-24-65-00, option 1 or extension 1000.

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Source: Notimex

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