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Chen Bech market unveils its makeover

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Chen Bech market
Behold, the new Chen Bech market. Photo: Diario de Yucatan

Six months of renovation work has concluded, and the dust at Chen Bech market has settled down. The neighborhood mercado re-opened today to the public, revealing airy, brightly lit facilities for its freshly painted stalls.

Chen Bech market
Chen Bech market under construction in June. Photo: Google Street View

Visitors appeared surprised by the newness of the popular marketplace. Chen Bech is on the eastern edge of the Centro, past La Mejorada at calles 42 and 57, a neighborhood with relatively quiet side streets and a growing expat presence. It is alternatively spelled Chem Bech.

Work on the market began in March, with tenants relegated to a tented area outside. Its rebirth will be officially inaugurated next week.

Hydraulics pipelines, sanitary and stormwater facilities, and stainless steel counters were part of the renovation. The city invested just over $4.5 million MX in the project.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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