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Season of Sharing raises 245,400 pesos in a 1-day polo tournament

A cornerstone of Yucatan Giving's Season of Sharing brings out hundreds of volunteers and sponsors

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Merida, Yucatan — Yucatan Giving Outreach announced its final tally from its Season of Sharing 3rd annual Chicas for Charity tournament.

The one-day event raised 245,400 pesos, all of which goes to various charities around Merida.

Visitors paid between 350 and 500 pesos to attend an afternoon of polo matches, live music, cocktails and activities that included a fashion show, creative hat contest and a silent auction.

Six polo teams consisted of players who flew in from as far away as Germany, Argentina, the United States and Guatemala.

Chicas for Charity “is our biggest event of the year,” said Kimberly Davin-DeGraff. She and Dave O. Dodge co-founded Yucatan Giving Outreach A.C., a registered not-for-profit foundation supplying essential support for the community.

Davin-DeGraff sent out a big thank-you to all the members of the community who mobilized to make the day possible.

Numerous sponsors, such as EccoCentro, Merida Living Real Estate, Hennessy’s Irish Pub, Easy Legal Mexico, Coca-Cola, Telcel, Leone’s, Heineken and Xootrip are being thanked under a separate heading. Today, members of the community, largely the foreigners who have made a home in Yucatan, were addressed.

A shout-out first went to Fabienne O’Neill, co-founder of the event, along with Chicas committee members Brie Castell, Shannon Murray, Jen Knoedl, Jessica Magilton, Crystal Parra, Carla RoGo, Edwin Tejero Herrera and Jose Jared Sulub Leon.

“Without their million combined hours we would have never made it,” said Davin-DeGraff. “Thank you to each and every sponsors, donor and volunteer. Your endless support made this event perfect.”

“Thank you to Melissa Adler of the silent auction and her team, Susan Dempsey, Tracy Thompson Mickle and Dan Mickle. Thank you to every single donor of the silent auction. We at YGO can’t thank you enough for your generosity, said Davin-DeGraff, and the praise continued:

“Thank you Dave Omer Dodge for all your help with the hat competition and support.”

“Thank you to Ralf and Yvonne Leszinski for letting us use the premises,” referring to the Yucatán Polo Club.

“A very big round of applause for Martin Lopez who spent countless hours putting together the fashion show but also helped in so many other ways to make sure the event was successful.”

“Thank you to Hennessy’s for their continued support and Huxley Distillery for their new support.”

“Thank you to Willy Pacho for narrating (the play-by-play of) the event.”

“Our two amazing photographers,” she added, referring to Nora Garrett Photography and Tina Holman of Fantasma Photography.

“Bing Bang for the buffet service.”

“Thank you to all our food vendors and alcohol vendors who provided good service to assure such a great event.”

In kind donations — supplies or services donated to help make the event happen — totaled 113,000 pesos. Yucatán Expat Life provided banner advertising and collaborates with YGO on covering Season of Sharing events.

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