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Chicharra Festival trends nationally on Twitter

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The Chicharra Festival attracted people in person and online. Photo: Twitter

Mérida, Yucatán — The city’s first-ever Chicharra Festival trended nationally on Twitter, ranking among the top 10 most cited words on the platform.

According to Trendinalia, which measures trending topics every hour, #xcalachén — the neighborhood seeking a revival in its tradition of fried pork rinds — peaked at No. 10 by late afternoon Saturday.

The firm indicates that 358 Twitter accounts from various places sent 503 tweets that included the word “Xcalachén,” which in turn garnered another 430 retweets, to reach an audience of 731,196 followers in Mexico.

But fame was fleeting. By Sunday, the hashtag disappeared completely from the top-50 list.

Residents of Xcalachén told the media that they hope the festival will become an annual tradition.

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