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Chichen Itza boycott called off as officials iron out differences

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Vice President of the National Tourism Business Council, José Chapur Zahoul. Photo: Facebook

Merida, Yucatan — The Vice President of the National Tourism Business Council, José Chapur Zahoul said that a threatened boycott of Yucatan’s most famous archaeological site has been called off.

Tour operators were angered when state officials, without warning, doubled entry fees for foreign tourists at Chichen Itza. Feeling blindsided, some Quintana Roo tourism agents vowed to send their clients to Tulum instead.

The Yucatan state government has not changed plans to raise the entry fee on Feb. 1 from 242 pesos to 480 pesos. That’s from $12.32 to $24.43 in U.S. dollars.

The president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, AMAV, Cancun chapter, Sergio González Rubiera, said that the increase “is an aberration, unacceptable and absurd.”

Chapur Zahoul said the state government will offer travel agents attractive discounts on the new price.

Although he did not go into detail, he said that the promotion will be implemented beginning in May until December.

“A few days ago I was invited to participate in a meeting with people from the state government and the president of the travel agencies of Quintana Roo, and with one of the largest wholesalers, and that consensus was reached” Chapur told reporters.

As for the abundance of souvenir vendors at Chichen Itza, said the problem can not be resolved until they are offered a decent alternative.

He said the vendors, who set up shop along pathways in the open air, would agree to move to a covered shelter as long as it’s still on the tourists’ paths.

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