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Chichen Itza breaks single-day record for visitors

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In a single day, Chichen Itza received 18,696 tourists and set a new record.

Last Dec. 19 was the busiest day ever for the archaeological site, according to a Cultur. 

The crowd was a mix of foreign, national and local tourists, processed by the Board of Trustees of Cultural and Tourist Services Units of Yucatan.

While Chichen Itza achieved a single-day record, while Uxmal was the most visited site overall in 2019. The lesser-known destination has appeared an attractive alternative while Chichen Itza has endured controversy and boycotts over price hikes and distractions from market vendors.

Other 24-hour record breakers: On Dec. 23, Celestún received 1,054 tourists while Dzitnup in Valladolid, where the X´Kekén and Samulá cenotes are, attracted 1,131 visitors. The same day, Ek Balam received 880 tourists; the Zací market in Valladolid, 962, and El Corchito, 623.

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