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Chicxulub Crater Museum expected to be completed by July

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Dinosaurs and their link to the Chicxulub crater impact are explored in a museum that will be finished in July. Photo: Courtesy

The Chicxulub Crater Museum, which is about 60 percent done, will be completed in July, a state agency announced.

Raúl Godoy Montañez, head of the Secretariat of Research, Innovation and Higher Education, said progress is evident at the attraction, housed in the Technological Science Park of Yucatán, where school children visit on field trips.

The state has allocated 63 million pesos to the museum.

A geophysics laboratory built next to the museum is already built and almost ready to be staffed with scientists, he said.

The lab will be handed over to the head of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers.

The Chicxulub Crater impact is thought to have initiated the massive extinction of Cretaceous-era species, most notably dinosaurs, 65.5 million years ago.

The museum is inland on a remote campus 40 kilometers from Chicxulub Puerto, a municipality of 5,000 residents on the Gulf coast.

The one tangible memorial to the dinosaurs at Chicxulub is on the center square, where a modest monolith depicts dinosaur fossils. Beneath it is a bone-shaped rock carved with misspelled text.

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