Chicxulub Puerto petitions to split from Progreso

Chicxulub Puerto. Photo: Flickr
Chicxulub Puerto. Photo: Flickr

Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatan — Paperwork has been filed to make the port town where the famous crater gets its name its own independent municipality, said Commissioner Carlos León Zapata.

Chicxulub would become Yucatan’s 107th municipality if Progreso loses its comisaría, a town dependent on larger city’s services. Chelem and Chuburna are two other Progreso comisarías.

The independence drive is a citizen initiative, said León Zapata. He also said the procedure is moving forward and is on President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s radar. Chicxulub Puerto has 13,000 inhabitants, according to Punto Medio, which reported the news.

León Zapata said the initiative is in response to a lack of attention the dependency receives from Progreso. They do not have public transportation vehicles or ambulances, and having conflicting state and federal jurisdictions makes bureaucracy tedious.

However far the petition has gone, the state congress hasn’t received the request, said Rep. Karla Franco, who chairs the Commission of Constitutional Points and Governance.

Chicxulub is most famous for being near the geographic center of the Chicxulub crater. The impact of the crater some 66 million years ago has been linked to the eventual demise of the dinosaurs. But the coastal village has seen little or no economic benefit from its claim to fame.

With information from Punto Medio

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