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Chinese automaker opens showroom on Prolongacíon

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A Chinese-owner automaker opens a new showroom in Mérida. Photo: JAC

Mérida, Yucatán — JAC, a Chinese state-owned auto manufacturer, inaugurated a new showroom on the Prolongación Paseo de Montejo on Wednesday.

The company is Chinese, but the cars are made in Mexico.

JAC is in a joint venture in Mexico with Giant Motors, a company owned by tycoon Carlos Slim.

Its factory at Ciudad Sahagún, in the State of Mexico, produces two SUVS, the SEI2 and SEI3, both of which are sold in the Mérida showroom. The SEI2 is priced at 259,000 pesos, while the SEI3 sells between 279,000 and 299,000 pesos.

A silver SEI2 was raffled off during the grand opening celebration. The winner was Mauro Antonio, a 56-year-old school teacher.

The celebration was advertised to the general public, but also packed the showroom with dignitaries. Isidoro Massri Levy, brand director of JAC Motors México, and Fernando Vázquez Farrera, general director of Grupo Farrera, delivered speeches before numerous state and municipal officials.

Founded in 1964 as Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory, JAC began its operations in Mexico about six months ago and has sales operations in 12 states.

The showroom is at Prolongación Paseo de Montejo, No. 113, in Col. México.

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