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Christmas Village a possibility at Gran Parque La Plancha

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Gran Parque La Plancha’s first act could be a Christmas village. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — Although the land that is destined to become the Gran Parque La Plancha is still an underused rail yard behind the historic train station, before the end of the year, expect a Christmas village to arrive.

Christmas festivities would be the biggest event at La Plancha since Shakira performed there in 2011.

The federal government has yet to transfer the parcel to state hands, but Felix Antonio Rubio Villanueva, president of the Gran Parque La Plancha Civil Association, said that is likely to finally happen at the end of the year.

Once the land officially becomes the state’s, the executive blueprint will be announced. That will involve several educational institutions including the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), as well as Marista and Modelo.

The land is a rectangle running south-to-north between calles 55 and 43, and west to east at calles 48 and 46. It is the largest undeveloped lot in the Centro, and neighbors for years have lobbied to protect it from development.

The La Plancha parcel represent’s Mérida’s last chance to build a green space in the center of the city. Photo: Sipse

“Before Dec. 31, we intend to do something interesting. The neighbors are anxious to give life to that area. It could be a Christmas village,” said Rubio Villanueva.

One of the first things planned at La Plancha, modeled on a dynamic Central Park-style urban green space, is green energy.

“With solar energy we intend to illuminate the 30 hectares of La Plancha and the irrigation system. All this will be defined in the executive project, which is not yet available. The UADY, UNAM and other local universities will participate and determine the amount of the investment,” he said.

Source: Sipse

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