Chuburná Puerto on ‘Beachfront Bargain Hunt’

Beachfront Bargain Hunt returns to Chuburna Puerto.
Beachfront Bargain Hunt returns to Chuburna Puerto.

Updated with schedule change.

On HGTV in the United States, an episode of “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” will be called “Peace in Chuburná Puerto.”

It features a Connecticut bail bondsman who “looks to escape his hectic schedule and spend more time with his family with a vacation property.”

Although originally on the schedule for Friday, Oct. 6, the program has disappeared from their lineup.

In July, “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” followed a British Columbia couple seeking to open a bed and breakfast in Chelem, which is adjacent to Chuburná.

Another HGTV show, “House Hunters International,” followed a Texas couple in Chelem in August.

“Beachfront Bargain Hunt” and “Mexico Life” have taped numerous episodes at Yucatán’s beach communities, but was “HHI’s” first time there after shooting seven episodes in Mérida’s Centro Histórico.

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