The votes are in: Mérida’s top 7 cultural treasures

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Citizens have selected Mérida's top 7 cultural treasures. Photo: Reporte24
Citizens have selected Mérida’s top 7 cultural treasures. Photo: Reporte24

Mérida, Yucatán — The people have spoken, and their list of seven top cultural treasures has a heavy favorite: The Cathedral.

The city and the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals invited the public to select which of Mérida’s cultural treasures most reflect their heritage. Over 8,000 voters sorted through 45 nominees.

The results were announced last night with great fanfare in front of the Cathedral.
treasureschartThe top pick was a decisive one. After that, the next selections ran closer together in rankings. Here they are:

1. Cathedral, with 7,117 votes
2. Casa de Montejo, 5,676
3. Paseo Montejo, 4,198
4. Monumento a la Patria, 3,642
5. Dzibilchaltún Archaeological Zone, 3,443
6. Teatro Peon Contreras, 3,381
7. Haciendas, 3,117

These were followed by: Ateneo Peninsular / Museum of Contemporary Art, with 2,865 votes; Plaza Grande, with 2,692; radio station XEFC, with 2,514; UADY’s Central Building, with 2,272; Palacio Canton, with 1,638; Parque de las Americas, with 1,441; Yucatecan Trova, with 1,219; the General Cemetery and Paseo de las Animas, with 1,097; and the twin mansions, with 1,034.

Roger Metri Duarte, state Secretary of Culture. announces the public's seven treasures of Merida. Photo: Ayuntamiento.
Roger Metri Duarte, state Secretary of Culture. announces the public’s seven treasures of Merida. Photo: Ayuntamiento.

A total of 8,299 people voted; 907 in person, and the rest over the Internet. Of that, 81 percent of the votes were cast from Yucatán, 3 percent from the State of Mexico, 3 percent from Mexico City and 2 percent from Quintana Roo and smaller numbers from other states.

The top vote-getters will receive special attention next year in a flurry of television publicity.

The vote was held in conjunction with the 2017 Cultural Capital celebration, and the list will be incorporated into the Representative List of Treasures of World Cultural Heritage by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals.

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