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City to meet with rattled nightclub neighbors

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Mérida, Yucatán —As more quiet, residential streets become mixed with late-night clubs, city officials are meeting with Centro residents about quality-of-life issues. 

This follows up on an earlier forum that served as an open forum for residents. It was attended not only by private citizens but by local business owners and even nuns who are running an orphanage in the Centro.

This meeting is designed to be more action-oriented, discussing plans of approach.

Most streets in the Centro have retained a peaceful atmosphere, but not others.

A former warehouse and office space in Santa Ana, for example, is under construction right next door to a family home. He has been unable to find out what is planned for the large property, but he suspects the worst: another nightclub. 

The Mérida-born man, living there with his wife and toddler, reports that jackhammers have destroyed the peace in his home. Two restaurants down the road — one converted from a private residence — have already changed the neighborhood’s character, and now this commercial form of gentrification is encroaching on his family within inches. 

On social media, a Santiago guesthouse owner has complained bitterly that her business is no longer viable because her once-peaceful block has gotten rowdy. 

So city officials have called a meeting between citizens and the chief of police, the director of urban development, officials of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice and the director of tourism.

The gathering is 4 p.m. Friday, March 24, at Calle 75, No. 549, between Calle 72 and 70. The meeting hall is opposite the Church of San Sebastian. 

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