City warns homeowners who build out, block sidewalk

City officials are cracking down on homeowners who encroach the sidewalk. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — City officials are threatening to remove protrusions built by homeowners encroaching onto already narrow sidewalks.

Following up on a big story in Milenio Novedades, an announcement from the municipality warns homeowners that metal cages and bars will be stripped down and removed if they were put there without authorization.

The newspaper reported on the “robbery of public spaces” on Aug. 1, pointing out houses which were surreptitiously extended, kicking pedestrians to the curb.

Homeowners sometimes custom-build protectores for their automobiles that are too large for their parking spots, for example. Sometimes, these cages are shaped to fit around a trunk or hood.

The city’s Urban Development department receives an average of two complaints a month, said unit’s director, Aref Karam Espósitos.

Sanctions are varied, depending on the seriousness of the infraction and the level of cooperation the homeowner offers. Fines can be between 700 and 250,000 pesos, said Karam Espósitos.

Cases are reviewed individually, he said, because no general policy has been established.

Source: Sipse

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