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Clearing the way for cars, liquor sales

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The Bici-ruta brings families together every Sunday in Merida. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Merida

For the Christmas holidays, there are a couple of temporary changes to traffic and shopping rules to help Christmas shoppers, as well as merchants.

First, streets will be more available to vehicular traffic on Sundays through Jan. 11. Many holiday shoppers have only Sundays free, and merchants depend on them. This means Bici-Ruta will be scaled back to just the Paseo de Montejo from the Remate in Santa Ana up to Calle 21. It normally runs from La Ermita up to San Juan Park, to the main plaza, and then up Calle 60 toward the Remate, then continuing to Calle 21.

Second, Sunday liquor store sales will be extended from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. through December. This will be more convenient to consumers and help out merchants at the same time. It also lessens the burden for the city to crack down on clandestine liquor sales. This law does not apply to bar service; it is aimed at cans and bottles sold over the counter.

Source: CANACO Servytur

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