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Close encounter eludes first ‘UFO Alert’

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A group is forming to spot UFOs in Yucatán. Photo: realidadovniargentina.wordpress.com
A group is forming to spot UFOs in Yucatán. Photo: realidadovniargentina.wordpress.com

Intrepid UFO-spotters scattered across the peninsula hoping to spot something more than shooting stars, but despite coming up empty, they are planning future Alertas Ovni, or UFO Alerts.

Their all-night gathering, on Dec. 27, was reported by organizers Alejandro Flores and Alejandro Aguilar Mendiola.

The stargazers, all from Mérida, arrived by convoy in Ticul at 8 p.m, joining six locals before heading off to a spot suitable for observing possible alien spacecraft. But neighbors blocked their access from the private property, so they headed to Dzan, where a retired teacher reported seeing a UFO 10 years ago.

After an hour there, the group — which by then had grown to 30 people — decided to move on to the neighboring town of Sacalum, in particular the Sabakha cenote, another spot known to UFO watchers. But by then it was nearly midnight and access was difficult.

Another 10 people gathered at an alternate Alerta site in Homún, while about five lingered in Mérida at the Monumento a la Patria, where trees and lights made UFO sightings unlikely. Yet another group, which had arrived late in Ticul, decided to branch off in Muna.

It was reported that although no UFOs were spotted, by the time the groups disbursed around 2:30 a.m., people had a good time socializing and trading stories.

Future meetups are being planned.

More about the UFO watchers, and Yucatán’s association with the phenomenon here.

Source: Sipse

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