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Colors for our coastal condo, by the numbers

Carefully chosen paints and fabrics make spaces beachy and bright

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Sheryl Novak
Sheryl Novakhttps://www.solutionsmexico.com/
Sheryl Novak is an expat Canadian and owner of SOLutions Mexico, an online furniture store in Mexico. Sign up for our free newsletters, which deliver our top headlines twice a week.
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We are on Week 2 of our remodeling project for the owner of a three-bedroom water-view condo.

Last week, we worked with the client to nail down the décor theme. After reviewing some concept images, our client fell in love with the beach/coastal décor theme. An excellent choice since their condo unit has a spectacular view of water. The objective is to update the unit to sell, so we heartily agree with their décor choice.

Next, we select the color palette. For this décor theme, we recommended Comex’s Boton 040-01 for the walls. This is a beautiful, tranquil color. For feature walls in the living room, dining, and bedrooms, we suggested Sobrino 276-04. We have decided to keep the ceilings white, for resale purposes.

A lot of the furniture in the condo is in good shape and is solid wood, so rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater, we plan to repaint and stain. We have agreed on Glacial 015-03 to keep the large pieces of furniture such as headboards, bed bases and dressers blend in. This will enhance the openness of the rooms.

To bring in a beautiful splash of blue color, we are using Hospitalidad 201-04 as our highlight color. While the large pieces of furniture will be softened by light cream paint, all our new décor items will be colorful. Bedding will be in playful turquoise and cream, with crisp white sheets and pillowcases. Décor items will be a mix of sand color and turquoise. We have even enlisted a local artist to take the artwork, already in the condo, to paint beach scenes on top of the existing canvas. Now that is how you repurpose and save money!

Two custom carpentry pieces we are particularly excited to repaint are the large bar and TV entertainment unit. Both built-ins are currently a dark chocolate color. Our carpenter will sand down the pieces, apply primer and then finish with rich cream paint. The exterior and the shelves will be the cream, and the back panels of each will be the stunning blue. Both pieces will be our stand-out furniture pieces in their rooms.

The cushions on occasional chairs, outdoor dining and loungers are currently orange. A disconnect with our new theme so they will be recovered. We plan to recover the large cushions with a neutral, performance fabric and then buy colorful toss cushions with beach-themed images and colors.

The sectionals in the unit are an off-white. With a good deep-cleaning, any marks should come off. Although we could buy new, our goal is to keep costs down and resale high.

Next, the challenges we faced as we counted down to project deadline.

Sheryl Novak is an expat from Canada who has owned a home in Mexico for over 10 years. She is the owner of SOLutions Mexico, an online furniture store and an expert on sourcing all styles of furniture, for all budgets, in Mexico. 

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