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Controversial highway over Progreso may have to shift 2 blocks west

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Progreso, Yucatan — An elevated highway linking the industrial port and the Merida highway has failed to win over property owners it would displace.

The “second floor” concept was proposed and flopped in the 1980s when residents on Calle 82 refused to sell properties that were in the highway’s path. But bottlenecks today are even worse, and an alternate route is in draft form.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) completed feasibility studies for the highway, meant to expedite the commercial traffic and give it a straight shot to the highway. Funding details were not disclosed.

Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi was presented project details with municipal, state and federal authorities in recent days, reports Progreso Hoy.

At that meeting, the SCT explained that the work could begin this year and that the impacted street will have recreational spaces and green areas bridge’s base.

The original project was presented during the PAN administration of Patricio Patron Laviada. At that time, residents refused to sell their houses, since they considered that they were offered well below the market price at that time.

Opposition to the project continues, leading authorities to analyze moving the “second floor” to Calle 86, which currently serves the passage of heavy trucks that go to the port terminal. Just last week, that street was clogged with dozens of trucks, trapped in place after a traffic accident.

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