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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Cooler weather, rains threaten Yucatan drought

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Rains begin a slow return to Yucatan. Photo: meteored.mx

Scattered showers are slightly possible today, and light breezes from the Gulf of Mexico will bring a relatively refreshing 35C / 95F. In Yucatan that’s considered refreshing this time of year.

Morning lows could drop as far as 20C / 68F.

More long-term, May could see above-average rain and an end to a historic drought, according to a forecaster. The year has threatened to bring the worst drought since 1986.

Local meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma points to cold front no. 58, which will linger this weekend.

The slow-moving frontal system will hover over the Peninsula, bringing clouds and a slight potential for rain.

After several weeks with a marked anticyclonic dominance in the Yucatan Peninsula region, which intensified the effects of the drought and the proliferation of fires, May could bring change, said Palma.

His explanation is highly technical, yet reassuring.

“Meteorological analyses are indicating that atmospheric patterns began to change at the end of April, when the positive-phase Arctic Oscillation began to weaken. This gave rise to the fact that the cold fronts began to descend towards the Gulf of Mexico, and although they are not reaching the peninsula with intensity, they are instead favoring strong storms and hail, particularly due to the effects of their associated troughs,” he said.

Another important factor is that extensive anticyclone activity that dominated the region since the middle of March began to move toward the Caribbean, he said.

“Now things are going to change,” the weatherman assured.

Sources: Punto Medio, meteored.mx

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