Corona to open new branded flagship store in Cancún

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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The famous beer brand will open its flagship store in the Cancún airport. Photo: Courtesy

Cervesa Corona has announced the opening of its first flagship store or Corona Shop. 

The store will be located in Mexico’s second most busy airport, Cancún international. 

According to a press statement, more Corona Shops will soon follow in Cancún, the Riviera Maya, and other popular beach destinations around Mexico.

The store, which still does not have an opening date, will sell items such as Corona branded clothing, thermoses, coasters, sleeves, mugs, and collectible souvenirs. 

“More than a beer, Corona is a Mexican icon recognizable around the world. It represents a lifestyle which we are proud to replicate in our new stores,” said Corona Director Clarissa Pantoja. 

The brand is also well known around the globe for its advertisements which typically feature little more than a single person or couple, seen from the back, sitting on the beach and enjoying a Corona. 

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Corona began being brewed in 1935 and quickly became popular for its crisp taste, golden color, and transparent bottles.

The brand sells three types of beers under the Corona name, these being Corona Extra, Corona Light, and Corona Cero — which is alcohol-free.  

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, some industry analysts had expressed concern that a seeming association with the virus could hurt Corona’s sales. This however did not happen.

With control of 27.8% of the domestic market, Corona is the most sold beer in Mexico. It is trailed by Tecate, Victoria, and Indio. 

Part of Corona’s success is attributable to the dominance of its parent company, Grupo Modelo, in the Mexican retail sector, particularly through the growth of its ubiquitous convenience store chain, Oxxo.

Corona exports its products to over 159 different countries, making it by far the most sold Mexican beer in the world. 

Mexico ranks fourth in the world in total beer production, trailing China, the United States and Brazil.

However, when it comes to beer exports, Mexico ranks first in the world since 2010 — thanks in no small part to its most popular brand, Corona.  

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