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Coronavirus caseload drops by 19, but deaths continue at a steady pace

5 new cases listed as 'from abroad'

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The temporary hospital at the Siglo XXI convention center takes in the first coronavirus patients who will recuperate while freeing up space at Merida’s permanent hospitals. Photo: Courtesy

Recoveries outnumbered infections by 19 as hospital space was freed up by transferring stabilized patients to a makeshift hospital ward in one of the city’s convention centers.

The timing was good. Admissions jumped by 21 in the past 24 hours while 423 hospital beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients. Yucatan health officials are monitoring the other 511 active patients. They are recovering, under quarantine, at home.

After the state had celebrated being “coronavirus free,” Yucatan’s first coronavirus infections was four months ago today when a traveler returning from Spain tested positive. In that time, 6,385 infections have been detected in the state, with the real number generally agreed to be much higher. Since April, 657 have died.

Yucatan health authorities on Monday announced 109 new cases as well as 128 recoveries. That brings Yucatan’s recovery rate to 75%.

Of the new cases, 69 are from Merida; five from Valladolid; five from abroad; four from Espita, Kanasín, Motul, Tekax and Tizimín, three from Kinchil and Umán; two from Buctzotz, and one each from Ticul and Tinum.

A 38-year-old man from Telchac Puerto, which was previously thought free of the virus, was the youngest to die. An 89-year-old man from Motul was the oldest. Both suffered from hypertension. The average age of the deceased was 60.

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