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Coronavirus deaths have dropped radically in a month

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A new batch with 151,300 AstraZeneca vaccines arrives in Yucatán for people 18 to 29. A batch of 18,720 Pfizer vaccines for teens with at-risk diseases is expected soon. Photo: Courtesy

Two coronavirus patients in Yucatán died Friday, a huge decline from the beginning of the month and the lowest fatality count in a year. Authorities registered 82 new infections while declaring 116 patients clear of COVID-19.

The decline in cases and deaths is striking. At the beginning of this month, 15 patients were dying every day on average. Daily deaths haven’t been this low since October 2020.

At the beginning of October 2021, daily infections were in the 230 range, but have been in double digits for six consecutive days.

The Ministry of Health reported 100 patients in public hospitals, a count that has remained relatively stable.

The patients who died were both Mérida women, one 72 and the other 68. Each had hypertension and diabetes, officials said.

Known coronavirus cases have reached 75,804 since March 2020 while deaths have totaled 6,279.

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