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Coronavirus deaths in Yucatan approach 800

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With 28 more coronavirus deaths reported Saturday, Yucatan has counted 797 deaths — in the double digits since mid-June — and will almost surely pass 800 on Sunday.

Since the crisis began, Yucatan has counted 7,164 coronavirus cases overall, including 92 on Saturday. About 77% have recovered.

Of these 92, 52 were in Mérida; six in Ticul; five in Umán; four in Bokobá; three in Izamal and Valladolid; two in Progreso, Temozón and Tixpéhual and one from outside the state or country. Cacalchén, Chemax, Dzitás, Kaua, Muna, Oxkutzcab, Tecoh, Tekal de Venegas, Tinum, Tizkokob, Tizimín and Yaxcabá also reported one case each.

Of all cases, 3,942 are from Merida, including 1,346 cases so far west of the city, 1,022 in the north, 761 in the south, 433 in the east, and 380 in the central zone, which is defined by the Circuito Colonias.

Of today’s deaths, 16 men and 12 women ranged in age from 33 to 87. Fifteen were in Merida, and two were listed as foreigners, meaning they could have been from outside the state or from another country. Akil, Umán, Cuzamá, Dzitás, Maxcanú, Motul, Progreso, Tekal de Venegas, Techan Puerto and Temozón each saw one fatality.

Current patients include 405 people in stable condition and recovering at home. Hospitalizations increased by eight to reach 419.

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