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Coronavirus deaths in Yucatan continue unabated, but hospitalizations drop dramatically

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As of Friday, 188 people who have been discharged from temporary overflow hospitals set up in Merida and Valladolid to help care for coronavirus patients. Photo: Courtesy

Another 35 coronavirus patients died Friday, reflecting late July’s bump in daily new infections. New cases have dropped in the last week, however, with 167 daily infections counted Friday, compared to 240 a week before, Yucatan health authorities said.

Daily new infections averaged 189 in the last seven days, compared to an average of 206.4 the week before.

Meanwhile, hospital admissions plummeted by 88 after two straight days of heavy demand on beds. Wednesday and Thursday saw a combined 93 hospitalizations alone.

This brings to 11,337 the number of people who have tested positive since the start of the pandemic in Yucatan. Of those, 1,375 have died and 8,836 have recovered. But the pandemic is likely far more extensive than official figures reflect.

Friday’s new infections included 72 in Merida, 19 in Valladolid, 13 in Tizimín, 11 in Ticul, nine in Progreso, eight in Tekax, five in Peto, four in Oxkutzcab, three in Temozón and Umán, two in Conkal, Dzan, Kanasín and Motul, two foreigners, and one case in Chapab, Homún, Huhí, Maxcanú, Sacalum, San Felipe, Tetiz, Tinum, Tixkokob and Tzucacab.

Fatalities included 25 men and 10 women ranging in age from 37 to 88. Of those, 21 were from Merida, two from Motul, two from Umán and one from Huhí, Hunucmá, Oxkutzcab, Seyé, Suma, Tekantación, Ticul, Tizimín, Ucú and Valladolid.

Current patients include 528 in stable condition and at home and 598 in the hospital. The youngest patient is just a month old while the oldest is 98.

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