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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Coronavirus deaths rise, but some positive longer-term trends are emerging

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While Yucatán epidemiological traffic light showed some positive trends, doctors announced 11 more coronavirus deaths including a 24-year-old patient.

Daily new infections were at their highest point all week at 113, contrasting with Monday’s total of 55. That makes a cumulative total of 31,051 infections — that we know about — since the crisis began in March 2020. Related deaths have totaled 3,280, although most involve comorbidities.

Hospitalizations were down by four to reach 208 while home quarantine dropped by 28, totaling 569.

New cases included 84 in Mérida, seven in Valladolid, five in Kanasín, four in Tizimín, two in Izamal, Ticul and Umán, and one in Homún, Maxcanú, Motul, Tekit, Tinum, Tixkokob and Uayma.

Hospitalization and viral-spread trends were somewhat encouraging, but not enough to bring Yucatán out of its orange-level alert, where it has been stalled for nearly a year. Data points included:

• Occupancy of ICU beds: 31.3% in yellow and stable
• Occupancy of total hospital beds: 45.1%, in yellow and decreasing
• Hospital admissions: green and decreasing
• The rate of contagion: 0.94% green and decreasing
• Testing positivity rate: 42.2% red and stable

More information shortly.

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