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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Coronavirus in Yucatán: 187 new cases, 187 recoveries

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Officials from the Yucatán health ministry deliver Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing. Photo: Courtesy

An equal number of new cases and recoveries in Yucatán was reported by doctors during Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing.

The total for both was 187, and for new infections, it was a second consecutive day of declining daily numbers that had steadily surpassed 200 since June.

Seven men and seven women, between the age of 37 and 77, died in the past day, doctors from the health ministry said.

Public hospitals admitted an additional eight patients filling 256 beds, however. Home quarantines increased by 231 in a single day, reaching 1,908, the briefing revealed.

Doctors have counted 55,873 coronavirus infections in Yucatán since March 2020, although the true number is widely thought to be many times higher.

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