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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Coronavirus infections in Yucatan more than double in 24 hours

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New coronavirus cases jumped from 102 to 230 in the last 24 hours while fatalities remained relatively low at 17.

Yucatan health officials have counted 14,705 coronavirus cases since the pandemic reached the state in March. Roughly 79% have recovered, but 1,964 have perished.

Of the 1,051 current COVID-19 patients in Yucatan, 376 are in the hospital, one fewer than the day before.

New cases reported Saturday include 135 from Merida, 28 from Valladolid, 15 from Progreso, 11 from Tizimín, seven from Tekax, six from Peto, four from Chemax, three from Ticul and Tinum; three foreigners; two cases in Espita, Kanasín, Temozón and Umán; and one in Cashcab, Celestun, Cenotillo, Chumayel, Motul, Muna and Oxkutzcab.

Deaths included nine men and eight women ranging in age from 47 to 86, also suffering from conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney failure, COPD, asthma and immunosuppression.

Seven lived in Mérida, four in Valladolid, two in Motul, one in Acanceh, Akil and Seyé, and one was from out of state.

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