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Countdown to Buen Fin discounts

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The Chamber of Commerce is registering businesses for another Buen Fin this year.
Up to 10,000 businesses are projected to participate in Mérida’s Buen Fin promotion this year. Photo: Canaco

Mérida, Yucatán — Reaching out to downtown merchants, Canaco today started taking applications to participate in the Buen Fin at two new locations in the Centro.

El Buen Fin is a national program that kicks off the Christmas shopping season while encouraging retailers to offer big discounts to customers.

Kiosks are now set up the Pasaje Picheta at the Government Palace, and at the Bodega Fragata shop on Calle 60 at 61 and 63. Businesses can also enroll online or call 109 942-88-50.

El Buen Fin participants will display this sign in their windows.
El Buen Fin participants will display this sign in their windows.

In Mérida, already more than 5,000 establishments have registered to participate in what in English would be called “the Good End,” but implying “Good Weekend.” When registered, business receive bright red official signs to post in their windows and be included in a database that shoppers can search. Officials expect 10,000 businesses locally to participate.

Inspired by Black Friday in the U.S., Buen Fin began in 2011 and is organized in part by the Confederation of National Chambers of Trade, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur). Department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores, shoe stores, bookstores, automobile showrooms, restaurants and hotels all post better-than-typical discounts for goods and services. Shops also extend hours and extend credit terms.

Discounts will be offered Nov. 14-17 this year. A list of businesses and their special offers is expected at the end of this week.

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