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Thursday, December 8, 2022

COVID cases level off, but still break records every day

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Coronavirus infections in Yucatán jumped 38.7% over last week, but the number of new cases appeared to level off starting Thursday.

In all, a record 7,526 new COVID-19 cases were detected by health authorities this week, who admit that the real number would be many times higher in this fourth wave of contagion.

Daily deaths from COVID rose from an average of five last week to eight in the last seven days.

Public hospital admissions have been declining since Thursday. Saturday’s state health department briefing reports 178 public hospitalizations, down 13 in a day. The state’s half-dozen private hospitals do not release their statistics.

Doctors are monitoring 9,686 patients recovering at home with mild symptoms. Quarantines rose by 12 today after dipping by over 200 on Friday.

Recoveries were lagging until Friday and Saturday when over 2,400 patients were given a clean bill of health.

On Thursday, the health department left Yucatán’s alert status at yellow under the epidemiological traffic light. That is the second-most lenient level of public health precautions in which green means almost-normal activity and red means lockdown.

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