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COVID deaths top 3,000 as Yucatán clings to economic recovery

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Thursday’s traffic-light scoreboard saw a reversal in Yucatán’s battle against coronavirus. Source: Yucatán Health Ministry

Nine coronavirus-related fatalities Thursday brought Yucatán’s fatality total to 3,002, health ministry officials announced.

Another 113 new infections were added to the caseload, the officials also said.

Yucatán stayed under orange alert, the second-highest level of security, after doctors announced that most indicators were pushing the state back to the early pandemic’s red-alert lockdown. The critical categories that were rated green — hospital bed/ICU availability and admissions — slid into yellow and red. The rate of contagion also climbed while the positivity rate decreased by one percentage point.

Since the first COVID fatality April 3, an average of 10.45 people have died every day in Yucatán.

The number of patients admitted to public hospitals decreased by three to 196. Over 700 patients are in stable condition and being monitored in their homes.

As of Thursday, 27,794 people have become ill with COVID-19 in Yucatán, of which 85% recovered.

Almost all new infections — 102 — were in Mérida, followed by Izamal (2) and Valladolid (2), and a new case was registered in Acanceh, Telchac Pueblo, Temozón, Tinum, Tizimín and Umán, in addition to a new patient from outside Yucatán.

The latest fatalities were five men and four women between 51 and 86. Seven were from Mérida and two were from outside the state, possibly from another country. State records count everyone from outside Yucatán as “foreign.”

The state’s traffic-light system showed:

• Percentage of total intensive care occupancy: 31.6%, in yellow and on the rise
• Percentage of occupancy of total public hospital beds: 41.6%, in yellow and on the rise
• The increase in public hospital admissions: in red on the rise
• The rate of contagiousness of the coronavirus is in exponential growth: in red and on the rise
• The positivity of the cases is in red, but decreasing slightly

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