COVID decline continues: 8 new cases, 1 death

All week beginning Monday, March 14, AstraZeneca booster shots will be offered to Yucatán residents between 18 and 39 in 17 municipalities. Official social media accounts contain details. Photo: Yucatán government Facebook page

Yucatan’s health ministry reported eight new coronavirus infections and one death. It was the lowest fatality count since early January and the first time single-digit cases were reported since early Christmas week.

The declining caseload is striking when compared to late January’s when daily infections were over a thousand.

Still, while officials have given Yucatán a symbolic “green light,” face masks and distancing are still encouraged in public spaces. Capacity rules are still in force, as some restaurants that allegedly jumped the gun have learned.

On Thursday, a 64-year-old diabetic man perished while battling the virus, doctors reported in a daily briefing. They also relayed stable hospitalization and quarantine numbers.

As of Thursday night, 278 patients had mild symptoms, were isolated at home, and monitored by SSY medical personnel. Another 27 were admitted to public hospitals. Private hospital data was not shared.

Since April 2020, 6,899 people have died from coronavirus in Yucatán, approximately 7% of all cases.

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