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‘Covidiotas’ crackdown: 70 found at beach house party

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Dozens of young partygoers in Chicxulub Puerto were busted by police for violating coronavirus protocols. Photo: Internet

More than 70 partiers between 16 and 23 were caught by police socializing at a Yucatán beach house, ignoring coronavirus protocols.

State officials shut down the party in Chicxulub Puerto, local media reported while dubbing the guests covidiotas. Underage drinking was also detected at the party.

Both the owner of the house and the organizer of the event will be fined, police told Sipse.

The Yucatan health ministry, state police and civil protection unit also closed two sports fields, in one Yaxkukul and the other in Cholul.

Yaxkukul was holding a soccer tournament although contact and team sports have been banned.

In Chivas Mérida de Cholul, state personnel closed this site after a visitation day was being held there for children and adolescents under 16.

Earlier, a hacienda event facility west of the city was closed after images of a crowded fashion show were shared on social media. A fashion designer and a high-end boutique were shut down in connection with the incident.

Members of the Chamber of Banquets and Suppliers of Yucatán complained that the event, at Hacienda San Juan Opichén, was authorized by the state tourism department.

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