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Friday, December 2, 2022

Cristobal heads toward Merida, adding higher winds to rain

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Cristobal inched closer to Yucatan by Friday morning. Photo: NOAA

The center of tropical storm Cristobal remains southwest of Yucatan, but by tonight will get closer to Merida, according to weather forecasts. 

Then it is predicted to continue north, over the Gulf of Mexico, toward Louisiana.

After a week of precipitation, Cristobal continues to dump heavy rain and bring increasing winds to southeast Mexico. Numerous homes in smaller towns have been evacuated.

Constant rain has done more than leak through doorways and skylights. Homeowners in Merida report water weeping through the walls and ceiling, something heretofore unseen.

Meteorologist Juan Antonio Palma said the storm will move north today, crossing the center of Campeche and reach western Yucatan, over Celestun, 44 miles west of the state capital. By then it may be a tropical depression, which is less intense than a tropical storm.

By Saturday morning, Cristobal will be over water, north of Sisal, quickly regaining strength and heading to the United States.

As it passes, it will continue to generate torrential rains across the Peninsula, causing more flooding in addition to winds that could exceed 70 km / 43 miles per hour along the coastal areas of Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche.

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