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Crocodiles emerge after storm Cristóbal in Yucatan

One was run over, and rescued, on Dzemul-Xcambó highway

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A crocodile was led to safety by a motorist after it was hit by another car in Yucatan. Photo: Facebook

More than a week after Tropical Storm Cristobal passed through, displaced crocodiles are emerging into public view.

The danger isn’t always for people. One was nearly roadkill on the highway that connects the municipality of Dzemul with the archaeological zone of Xcambó. A passerby helped him to safety, using a board to coax him the rest of the way across the road.

Photos of social media (not published here) show the crocodile bloodied, but intact.

People, along with animals, are still adjusting to ruined neighborhoods and habitats after a week of nearly constant driving rain.

“Please, those people who commute from Dzemul to Xkambó, try to go at a slow speed, since several animals always come out and the truth is, it makes me sad to pass by and see them hurt or killed by the recklessness of people who do not care for animals,” the driver, identified only as Vianiza A-Ch, wrote on social media.

She did not know if the crocodile survived its injuries. Her efforts made national media when Heraldo de Mexico reported the story.

Dzemul, which is adjacent to the coastal village of Telchac, is 47 kilometers / 29 miles northeast of Merida.

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