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Cyclists complain that new bike paths are unsafe

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Left, the president of the Cicloturixes group, Everardo Flores Gómez. Photo: Courtesy

The president of the Cicloturixes bicycle advocacy group said that more than 70 kilometers / 44 miles of the new bike paths are unsafe.

Everardo Flores Gómez said that potholes and invading cars are threatening the safety of bicyclists. 

“By not maintaining the bike path, it encourages vehicles to invade them, which continues to happen, especially in certain areas,” he said at a press conference, citing an example. “You can go to the Calle 86 bike lane and it is one of the most used. Unfortunately, it does not have the reflectors like the Paseo de Montejo bike path.”

He estimated about 70% of the bike paths have some degree of damage, where puddles and other problems are apparent.

“The only beautiful one you are going to see is the one on Paseo de Montejo,” he said.

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