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Cyclists to rally for respect, safety

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comparteelcamino“No more cyclists killed on streets and highways of Yucatán!”

That is the rallying cry of an organized group of bicyclists who will gather 7 p.m. Monday at Santa Ana Park. From there, they will head toward the Government Palace to demand enforcement a bike promotion law enacted in 2013.

The 2013 measure provides important steps to encourage the bicycle’s use as a means of urban transportation, as well as for sports and recreation. But cyclists see a city that still favors four wheels over two.

The Yucatan Cycling Union will campaign for marked bike baths, a permanent space for mountain bikes and a track, SSP security protection for their events, and for respect as they share the roadways with cars and trucks.

For the rally, leaders of various biking clubs are expected to attend, uniformed with jerseys to identify them. Clubs representing triathlon cyclists, mountain biker enthusiasts and urban bicyclists will be represented.

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