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Daily coronavirus deaths steady as infections drop and hospital admissions jump again

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Progreso residents pose with signs indicating the struggle of enduring months of quarantine. The photos were part of a city hall campaign to acknowledge the pain. Photo: Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi / Coutesy

New infections dropped by 71 cases while 12 more people died with coronavirus, Yucatan health officials reported Monday.

Officials detected 88 infections in 24 hours. The count follows five consecutive days of new cases that ranged between 135 and 203. Hospitalizations jumped by 18, the largest number of admissions in one day so far. In the past seven days, 50 COVID-19 patients were admitted to one of the public hospitals in Merida that handle coronavirus.

Of residents receiving coronavirus tests, 43.6% are found to have the virus, a growing number that is higher than the national average of 39%.

Of the new cases, 51 came from Mérida; nine from Valladolid; eight in Buctzotz; three in Kanasín; two in Espita, Hunucmá, Ticul and Umán; one from abroad; and one each in Akil, Chemax, Dzitás, Izamal, Kinchil, Panabá, Sotuta and Tekax.

There have been 4,265 coronavirus cases found in Yucatan, in addition to 448 deaths, since March. Another 63 patients were listed as recovered Monday, bringing the recovery rate to nearly 69%.

A 53-year-old Merida man was the youngest to die while a 93-year-old Umán man was the oldest. Neither had previous illnesses, doctors said.

Other fatalities include a 55-year-old Merida man with hypertension; a 57-year-old Valladolid woman with cancer; a 59-year-old Samahil man with chronic kidney failure, hypertension and diabetes; a 59-year-old Hunucmá man with chronic kidney failure, hypertension, heart disease and a history of smoking; as well as a 64-year-old Merida man who was obese and a smoker.

A 70-year-old woman from Merida with hypertension; a 70-year-old man from Xocchel without previous illnesses; a 72-year-old woman from Mérida with hypertension; a 79-year-old man from Motul with chronic renal failure; and 82-year-old Merida man with hypertension.

Of the current patients, 620 are in stable condition and at home under quarantine. The other 265 are under hospital care.

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