Daily COVID cases continue to decline as hospitalizations peak

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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Residents over 60 in Kaua were inoculated with the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday. Photo: Courtesy

A 38-year-old coronavirus patient was the youngest of 12 who died Tuesday in Yucatán. An unnamed foreigner also perished.

State health authorities also announced that 50 new infections were detected in the past 24 hours, well below an average of 90 daily new cases have been found in the last two weeks. It was also the lowest total since Feb. 16 and the continuation of a decline that began Friday after 124 infections were reported.

Daily fatalities, however, have remained around the same since early February.

In addition, public hospitalizations reached 224, four more than the day before and the highest number all year.

Of the new infections, 29 were in Mérida, four in Acanceh and Izamal, two in Kanasín and Ticul, and one in Chankom, Chapab, Halayó, Sucilá, Tekax and Valladolid.

Fatalities included seven women and five men ranged in age between 38 and 85. They had comorbidities including hypertension, diabetes, obesity and kidney failure, doctors at Tuesday’s briefing said.

Of these people, seven were from Mérida and one was from abroad, doctors said without naming the country. Another was from Maxcanú, another from Tekax, one from Tizimín and one from Umán. Since April 2020, 3,495 people have died from coronavirus in the state.

Among current patients, 578 remain stable, with mild symptoms and allowed to quarantine at home. That number dropped by 10 from the previous day.

Doctors also reported 73% progress in the application of the 4,875 vaccines earmarked for elderly residents in Umán. Of the vaccines sent to Motul, Valladolid and Conkal, 99% have been applied. The remainder went to the municipality of Kaua, where there is a 30% advance in vaccination, the health ministry officials said.

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