Daily COVID deaths are again a reality in Yucatán

COVID-related fatalities in Yucatán rose to two a day this week, reflecting a high level of infections.

Since July 4, at least one death has been reported every 24 hours, with the exception of July 8. In mid-June, in contrast, two people died every seven days.

Two deaths were reported Wednesday, and again on Thursday, as daily new cases hovered just below 600.

On Thursday, state health officials continued to place Yucatán at the metaphorical green light, allowing normal economic and social activity.

But the state counted over 3,500 new coronavirus cases, and hospitalizations rose from 49 to 62, in the last seven days.

The other 6,453 current patients are under home quarantine. Patients in private hospitals are not included in this tally, which is agreed to be an undercount of the total population with coronavirus.

Doctors predicted the current coronavirus wave would peak this weekend.

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