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Daily infections hit a 2-month low; teen with COVID among 20 new fatalities

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A coronavirus patient is wheeled into one of Merida’s hospitals equipped to deal with COVID-19. Photo: De Peso

New coronavirus cases in Yucatan dipped to a low not seen since mid June, SSY officials said Sunday.

Infections totaled 79 while another 20 patients with COVID-19 died in the past 24 hours. Hospitalizations rose by 17.

Another 57 patients recovered, as have the great majority of coronavirus patients — around 80% in Yucatan.

Yucatan has struggled to keep daily new cases below 100, and has rarely succeeded since late June. In the previous seven days, daily cases numbered as high as 227. The number of daily infections predicts the death toll in the weeks that follow.

Youth has not protected some vulnerable patients. Standing out among the 11 men and nine women who perished is an 18-year-old victim, who authorities did not name. The teenager also suffered from chronic kidney failure. The death toll during the previous three days included three infants, most recently Saturday when an 11-month-old baby from rural Tixméuac, already suffering from chronic malnutrition and kidney failure, perished.

Of the deceased, 13 were from Merida, two from Muna, and one each from Acanceh, Mococha, Motul, Tinum and Tizimín. In total, 1,842 people here have lost their lives after battling coronavirus.

Of the new infections, 31 were in Merida, six from Tekax, Umán and Valladolid; five from Ticul, four from Chemax and Tizimín, three from Peto; three from outside the state; and one case each from Akil, Calotmul, Chapab, Cuncunul, Dzan, Hunucmá, Kaua, Motul, Muna, Tecoh and Temozón. In total, 13,743 cases of coronavirus have reached Yucatan since the crisis began here in March.

Most current patients, 542 in all, are recovering at home with mild symptoms. The remaining 471 are in one of Yucatan’s hospitals.

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