Day hottest on record since 1998

He went on vacation to Merida.
He went on vacation to Merida.

The 42.7 degrees Celsius (108.9 degrees Fahrenheit) recorded Friday by the Meteorological Observatory of Mérida broke records three times over:

  • It was the hottest day of the year.
  • It was the third-hottest day in the last 44 years.
  • And it was the hottest day in Mérida since 1998.

In April, Mérida recorded nine consecutive days with temperatures at or above 40 degrees, matching the record set in April 2011.

The last year with the highest number of days equal or above 40 degrees was 1970, and that lasted 10 days. That record could be matched today.

Weather forecasters predict no temperature drop in the near future. The weekend is expected to reach 39-43 degrees Celsius, and even higher at some points on the Peninsula. Highest temperatures are expected from 4-6 p.m.


On social media, residents posted photos of thermometers in their cars hitting 51 degrees, and asphalt at 54.

Motorcyclists and drivers are more often wearing protective long sleeves to protect their arms from the sun.

Environmentalist Jimena Velázquez Mendieta said the “infernal” heat felt in the state capital is due to several factors, including the loss of trees and lack of urban planning.  “Mérida be an unlivable place” in the coming years, mainly in the months of April and May, unless authorities do and residents work to make Mérida more green.

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Sources: Sipse and Diario de Yucatán.

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