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Deaths and infections up while 10,049th coronavirus patient is declared recovered

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A nursing home on Avenida Cupules in Merida turns away visitors to protect residents from coronavirus. Photo. YEL

Daily infections shot up by 70 to reach 169 while 32 more patients with coronavirus died, Yucatan health officials said Sunday.

That brings to 1,653 the official number of people in Yucatan who have perished in the pandemic.

Further tightening the screws on the health care system, another nine patients were hospitalized for a total of 535. The remaining 472 patients are in stable condition and under home quarantine.

The deceased included 22 men and 10 women ranging in age from 35 to 79.

Over 79% of all patients in the state — 10,049 in all — have conquered the coronavirus, however, including 149 reported Sunday.

A vaccine for Mexico

Mexico will need up to 200 million coronavirus vaccine doses, and inoculations could start as early as April if clinical trials and regulatory approvals for AstraZeneca go as planned.

In partnership with the governments of Mexico and Argentina, the pharmaceutical company initially plans to produce 150 million doses in early 2021 and eventually make at least 400 million doses for distribution throughout Latin America. AstraZeneca is among those working on COVID-19 vaccine candidates now in development around the world.

AstraZeneca will be able to produce between 30 and 35 million vaccines per month, Martha Delgado, a Mexican deputy foreign minister, told the Reuters news agency Friday.

The vaccine could require two doses to be effective, Delgado said, add that “if we need 200 million, we’re going to be vaccinating for a long time.”

Trials are expected to conclude by November or December.

Mexico’s death toll of 55,908 stands as the world’s third highest, behind the United States and Brazil.

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