Deaths, hospital admissions rise as Yucatán enters a new month

An exhausted health-care worker takes a break. Photo: File

Another 13 coronavirus patients died Monday, Yucatán doctors said, a total that hasn’t been topped since Sept. 8. Eleven of them were from Mérida and ranged in age from 55 to 89.

Daily infections dropped from 92 to 57, a 38% decline and a second day in a row under triple digits, the Yucatán health ministry said.

Coronavirus deaths total 3,169 since April 2020, while 30,082 were infected, according to the Yucatán health ministry. The true number is assumed to be many times higher, but limited testing prevents more accurate data. The official recovery rate stands at around 85%.

Public hospital admissions increased by four in one day and 73 in a month to reach 221, a trend that could lead Yucatán back to a red-alert economic lockdown.

Recoveries totaled 103, outnumbering new infections for the first time in a week and more than double the previous day’s tally. The number of patients in stable condition and recovering at home dropped by 63 to reach 837.

Monday was the first day since last Tuesday when recoveries outnumbered new infections.

New infections included 33 in Mérida, 11 in Valladolid, three in Chankom, two in Motul and Tizimín, two foreigners, and one in Hoctún, Kanasín, Progreso and Umán.

Of the 30,082 positive cases, 256 are from another country or state.

Lee Steele

Lee Steele is the founding director of Roof Cat Media and has published Yucatán Magazine and other titles since 2012.