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Decu Downtown Mérida — luxury with local flare

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In Mérida’s historic Centro, Decu Downtown seamlessly combines luxury and tradition. 

Decu Downtown’s spacious outdoor patio simulates a chessboard — designed by landscape architect Ernesto Degetau in collaboration with Jimena Barredo. Photo: Decu Downtown Hotel

Decu’s guiding philosophy centers around the idea that traveling should be comfortable, but also an opportunity to reach out and mingle with locals and experience history — after all, if all you want is to be comfortable, why leave home?

Whether traditional trova, salsa, mariachi, or contemporary, music is a big part of life in Mérida. Photo: Decu Downtown Hotel

This eight-room boutique hotel first opened just last year, but somehow it already feels timeless. This likely has to do with a seamless combination of traditional colonial architecture and cutting-edge design.

“It was very important to us to ensure that the grand casona that is today home to the hotel retained its historic charm, while at the same time adding touches of contemporary elegance to enhance the experience of our guests,” says celebrated Mérida-based architect Fernando Abreu. 

The hotel’s cozy lounge and common areas are perfect for taking a break after day trips or sipping away at a cocktail. Photo: Decu Downtown Hotel

Decu Downtown’s slogan “Uncrowded Luxury,” really get to the heart of what staying at their hotel feels like. “You won’t find long check-in lines or crowded restaurants here, relaxation and a laidback atmosphere is key for us,” says the hotel manager, Michelle Perez.

Unlike large properties where interaction between hotel workers and guests is limited to a cordial glance here and there, Decu Mérida encourages employees to share their local knowledge with guests and guide them away from tourist traps. 

What could be better than a dip in Decu Downtown’s pool after a long day of exploring? Photo: Decu Downtown Hotel

The hotel’s restaurant and bar serve up the best of Yucatecan, Mexican and international cuisine — as well as a fine selection of wines, liquours, and cocktails which can also be enjoyed in the property’s sparkling pool. 

Decu Downtown also has an onsite luxury spa that offers relaxing massages and their signature chocolate bath. Photo: Decu Downtown Hotel

Every day, the Decu Downtown’s tannkab (Mayan for garden) is meticulously tended to. It offers guests a perfect spot to unwind, catch up on their reading or simply recharge in the warmth of sunny Yucatán — which also happens to power the hotel through solar panels. 

Given its location in the heart of Mérida, Decu Downtown is the ideal hotel from which to launch your very own expedition to Mayan ruins or one of the region’s dozens of cenotes. Photo: Yucatán Magazine

Decu also has four other luxury properties in Mexico City: Casa Decu, Hacienda Peña Pobre, Reforma Guest House, and Casa Roso, which will open in November.

For information and reservations visit decuhotels.com

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