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Language, cultural immersion in Valladolid

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You won’t be the same after this one!

A two-month immersive workshop is starting up later this month in Valladolid.

It is run by local people who will speak only Spanish with you. Participants will take cooking classes, visit local communities and take part in projects that benefit locals. Meanwhile, they will inherit a deep understanding of the language and culture.

While staying in this gorgeous little city, eating healthy, local food (vegan, gluten-free and fat-free options available on request) and get to know the Yucatán Peninsula as well as than anyone.

Go here for rates and schedules.  Or join their Facebook Group here for more information.

Special offer for our readers. Send them a screen grab as proof that you have liked YEL’s Facebook Page, and received a 10 percent discount if you register before March 15.

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