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Dengue and flu cases jump in Yucatan, and a rainy week won’t help matters

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An anti-dengue brigade checks for standing water or other areas where mosquitoes breed. File photo

The end of the drought was welcome, but rainy conditions are bringing back mosquitos and the diseases they spread.

Through May 25, Yucatan has registered 129 dengue cases and one confirmed death in 2020, compared to 13 cases a year ago. The state is seventh in Mexico for dengue infections, with an incidence rate of 5.73 infections for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Nayarit list tops the nation with a rate of 16.79 and Tabasco follows with 15.21; Quintana Roo, with 11.29; Veracruz, with 9.52; Colima, with 7.28 and Guerrero, with 6.59.

Rain is forecast every day this coming week, and mosquitos tend to breed in puddles and stagnant water.

The head of the SSY State Vector Program, Jorge Alfredo Palacio Vargas, asked the population to continue taking measures to prevent mosquitos from breeding, especially now that families are home during the coronavirus emergency.

To prevent the proliferation of mosquitos, the state official recommended turning containers upside down and sweeping away puddles.


Suspected flu cases increased 250% last week, from 153 to 539.

That again is a huge jump over 2019, when 22 probable and two confirmed cases were found in Yucatan.

Yucatan is ranked fourth nationally for suspected flu cases, behind Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Nuevo León.

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