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Diego Luna blasts Yucatan lawmakers for denying equal marriage rights

Actor/activist points finger at state Congress during summit promoting world peace

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Diego Luna criticized Yucatan lawmakers for preventing marriage-equality laws from passing. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — On the first day of a global summit promoting world peace, actor Diego Luna criticized Yucatan lawmakers for their treatment of the LGBTQ+ community.

The comments were an embarrassment to state officials who have gone through great pains to leave a good impression on dignitaries from around the world.

The gay community does not feel represented in the Yucatan, said the 39-year-old Mexican actor, director and producer, one of the guests of the 17th World Summit of Nobel Prize Laureates.

Luna demanded the state congress approve marriage equality laws in Yucatan. Lawmakers have twice voted down equal-marriage laws despite the Supreme Court mandating that every state in Mexico allow gay couples to wed.

“… Equity, social justice and diversity is what gives us strength as society,” said Luna. His remarks drew cheers from the audience at the forum, “The Art and Sport of Peace Building.”

Luna is known for taking on social causes. In 2017, Luna was in the Yucatecan capital to take on the issue of government corruption.

Nothing can be done if society does not demand its share, he said.

Luna shared the panel table with former soccer player Rafael Márquez, activist Alejandro Legarreta and singer-songwriter Miguel Bosé, who will join singer Ricky Martin in a public concert Saturday night.

Luna said that Mexico faces many problems, violence, inequality and injustice and said that society must ask itself what each one of us is doing to live harmoniously and fairly.

“Peace lies in the concept of equality, we have decided that we all have the right to have what others have, but we must understand that there will be no peace unless there is equity and inclusion,” said Luna.

Luna also said that Yucatan has become the refuge “where everyone runs” to avoid violence in the rest of the country.

“But how long is this going to last?” Luna asked.

The actor replied to himself: “It is not a matter of territoriality but of what is inside each one of us and that we must change.”

Miguel Bosé reflected on social inequalities, respect for the rights of the planet and the obligation to “fight for peace because nobody will do it for us.”

Rafa Márquez criticized football culture, in which team rivalries produce “thoughtless” fans with “overflowing passions.”

“You must learn how to lose,” he said.

With information from El Universal

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